Use Maxstim on your turf and see:

  • Roots develop more mass and depth
  • Faster and more successful germination
  • Increased sward density
  • Increased chlorophyll
  • Improved water efficiency making plants more resilient to drought and flood
  • Improved resistance and recovery from pests, disease and stress
  • A reduction of other maintenance chemicals, feeds, and other inputs

Sports grounds and playing fields pose a unique challenge to those that look after them. The turf needs to be resilient to rough regular use, good to move on and look at, yet all the while simple and cost effective to maintain. Maxstim helps greenkeepers and groundsmen achieve these goals.

​In other words, with Maxstim, you can achieve healthier and stronger turf for a more attractive and robust playing surface which is resilient to wear and tear.

​What's more, Maxstim can be mixed and sprayed with usual fertilisers and pesticides and is safe to handle, store and use with no harm to humans, wildlife or the environment. This means it can be incorporated into your maintenance programme and fertiliser schedule, saving you both time and money.

Royal Westmoreland, Barbados

The turf at Royal Westmoreland suffers severe stress from bursts of heavy rainfall in the second half of the year, which peaks in November. Simon Crawford turned to us for help using Maxstim on his worst greens. He saw superb recovery in just a few applications. 


Runcorn Golf Club

At Runcorn, there has been a noticeable difference in the ability of the plant to cope with and recover from stress and to retain colour.

Roots have increased from 1.5" to 8" on 'problem greens'.

A 50% annual reduction of fungicide has been achieved.

There has been less requirement to water the greens as often as before. 


Golf Course, Netherlands

Chlorophyll readings are up by 49% within 48 hours and after only one application of Maxstim.

The 11th green went from a chlorophyll reading of 237µg/l to 354µg/l between May 13th and May 15th.

Furthermore, the photo taken before Maxstim was applied was on a sunny day (see the shadow of the flag) and the photo 48 hours later was on an overcast day, yet the grass still appears far superior in colour.


Golf Course, Southern Germany

The 17th green was suffering from dry spot and fungal pressure resulting in unsightly turf. One application of Maxstim helped the turf to recover and defend itself. After a few applications the sward is denser and more colourful.


Betchworth Park

In 6 months, roots have increased from 2.5 to 6 inches and have not reduced in the high stress months.

The Head Greenkeeper also reports better colour, a reduction in disease and a quicker repair rate on damaged areas.

Overall there was a great improvement to the colour of the greens.


What our customers say about Maxstim

Our No. 5 green has gone from one of our weakest to the best! Yes the weather is better and all the greens are in a better condition overall but No.5 is positively gleaming! Even staff are commenting on how much our historically “worst” greens have improved. What a superb recovery from an extremely wet period! So… we’re now using Maxstim fortnightly and I’m delighted to see that all of our greens and tees are going from strength to strength.

Simon Crawford, Course Manager