Use Maxstim on your turf and see:

  • Roots develop more mass and depth
  • Faster and more successful germination
  • Increased sward density
  • Increased chlorophyll
  • Improved water efficiency making plants more resilient to drought and flood
  • Improved resistance and recovery from pests, disease and stress
  • A reduction of other maintenance chemicals, feeds, and other inputs

Sports grounds and playing fields pose a unique challenge to those that look after them. The turf needs to be resilient to rough regular use, good to move on and look at, yet all the while simple and cost effective to maintain. Maxstim helps greenkeepers and groundsmen achieve these goals.

​In other words, with Maxstim, you can achieve healthier and stronger turf for a more attractive and robust playing surface which is resilient to wear and tear.

​What's more, Maxstim can be mixed and sprayed with usual fertilisers and pesticides and is safe to handle, store and use with no harm to humans, wildlife or the environment. This means it can be incorporated into your maintenance programme and fertiliser schedule, saving you both time and money.

France Galop - Chantilly

At Chantilly, Maxstim has quickly helped new white roots to develop. There is now more surface area for the rooting system to absorb water and nutrients and to anchor itself, making the turf stronger and more stable.


What our customers say about Maxstim

After just two applications we were expecting to see a slight improvement to our roots. However we were extremely surprised to see that a significant amount of new white roots had developed in such a short space of time, particularly at this time of year.

Marin Le Cour Grandmaison, Deputy Director at Hippodrome Chantilly