Use Maxstim in your nursery and garden centre and see:

  • Faster and more successful germination
  • Plants grow bigger faster
  • More buds, shoots, flowers and foliage
  • More colourful leaves and flowers
  • Bigger roots for better quality and more hardiness
  • Improved resistance to disease and stress

If you’re a nursery, using Maxstim can help you to increase your speed to market, yield more, reduce waste and charge more for your plants because they will look bigger and more colourful.

If you're a plant retailer, using Maxstim will help plants to display better, sell for more and last longer in both the retail environment and in consumer's gardens.

Caulders Braidbar Garden Centre

"We tested Maxstim on several different plants and after 5 weeks the difference between those treated with Maxstim and those we kept as control was astonishing. The treated plants grew larger with more foiliage and brighter colours. Overall, they looked the better plants and sold almost immediately when we put them on sale."

Rouken Glen Garden Centre

"Maxstim has had a significant impact on our plants. Initial trials showed very clear differences within days of planting. The treated plants grew faster, filled the pots quicker and budded earlier."

Arley Hall

"I will be able to take cuttings sooner from the plants that have been treated with Maxstim and at least double the amount of plants for sale. Not only that, we will be able to sell the stock much quicker and for a higher value."

What our customers say about Maxstim

We’ve noticed shorter rooting times, greener leaves and shorter internodes. We also see the benefit of increased yield in terms of being able to produce more product, as the product is moving out faster. Using Maxstim adds an extra insurance to make sure the product is nice and green and healthy for our customers.

Kelly Arendt, Senior Grower at Devan Greenhouses