Use Maxstim on your crops to see:

  • Better establishment and early development of crops
  • Roots that quickly develop more mass and depth
  • Plants that grow bigger faster
  • Generating higher and better quality yields
  • Boosting the plant’s resistance to and recovery from disease, pests and stress
  • Often a reduction in other inputs such as fertilisers, pesticides and other inputs
  • With no harm to humans, wildlife or the environment

Whatever the crop, farmers must make a profitable return. This means maximising the yield and quality of the crop whilst minimising the inputs and labour required to generate that yield. It is a constant balancing act between soil health, providing nutrients, responding to the environment and combatting pests and diseases. Plant health is always at the centre of that equation. If the plant is robust and healthy, with deep root mass, then it absorbs and processes nutrients more efficiently and it is better placed to combat, defend against and recover from the effects of abiotic and biotic attack.

We offer a number of products tailored to support different crops, from blueberries to potatoes, from carrots to cucumbers, grown in different climates all over the world.

But the aim and the benefits are always the same - to help you produce stronger, healthier crops that produce higher yields and better quality yields thus maximising your profits.


This is why Maxstim is an important tool for farmers, helping you to:

  • Maximise marketable yields
  • Increase the frequency of crop cycles
  • Improve the quality and value of crops
  • Increase hardiness and reduce wastage
  • Grow more with less land and labour
  • Save money on nutrients and other inputs


Valley Produce trialled Maxstim and achieved 85% increase in weight against the control in the spring and 30% in late summer.

Control 5.5 - 6 inches
With Maxstim 10-10.5 inches

Lettuce grower in Holland

Maxstim was used to combat crop delay due to cold weather. 

Maxstim rapidly brought the crop on, which allowed the grower to quickly respond to supermarket demands.

They were the only grower in the region to meet the weight and size standards demanded by their customer.


What our customers say about Maxstim

I am absolutely convinced by Maxstim. The plants were faster to grow and were visibly healthier. The yield was 85% more in the treated rows compared to the control. This is a dramatic increase in profits. We can also produce more with less; less ground, less inputs, less labour. Its really exciting for us as a company.

Colin Hill, MD at Valley Produce Ltd