Manufactured in the UK, Maxstim develops plant biostimulants and complex treatments for the amenity, commercial agriculture and horticulture sectors where our products are used by customers worldwide.

Maxstim biostimulants influence several fundamental processes such as germination, photosynthesis, chlorophyll production and root development. Designed to increase nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, antioxidants, metabolism and flowering, Maxstim is able to do this through a unique blend of ingredients enabling the plant to devote all its energy to growing and defence against stress.

Maxstim biostimulants and Maxstim treatments are trusted alternatives to chemical-based products. In our research, we work to continually increase our understanding of how plants develop, communicate and grow so we can design natural and innovative products that are safe to the environment.

We invest heavily in research and development and our R&D team includes academic and professional scientists and agronomists who are leaders in their fields with a combined passion to develop products of the future for greater plant health and sustainable crops.

We have a sales team and partners in Canada, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or are a commercial grower, plant nursery or sports amenity professional looking to purchase any of our products, please get in touch.


Greenman Plant Care Ltd

Using our experience and resources within the world of biostimulants we have recently developed a range of consumer based gardening products called 'Healthy Garden'. With similar goals to Maxstim, we hope to help gardeners across the UK achieve outstanding results in an environmentally friendly manner. Visit